Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

How To Protect Your Home From Bed Bugs

Nothing is as bad as having bed bugs in your home. Regardless of how clean and neat you keep your home, these hitchhikers can move into your home through clothing, bedding, boxes, furniture or bedding. Bedbugs feed every 5-10 days. However, they are very resilient and can last for months without feeding.

If you’re worried about a bed bug infestation in your home, these amazing tips should help you clear everything effortlessly.

Bed Bug Infestations

• If you love buying furniture from second-hand markets, inspect everything thoroughly before bringing it home with you.

Bed bugs love hiding in the corners of the furniture such as couches and beds. Therefore, if you want to avoid these nasty little pests from settling in your house, make sure your mattresses are encased with protective covers. If possible, you can switch out your wooden beds and furniture for the spring variety.

• Also, they love hiding in cluttered spaces in your house. Therefore, organize everything every week to avoid any infestations.

• Your carpets and rugs are also common hiding places for bed bugs. Wash them frequently and vacuum every day to remove any dirt or debris that might bring them to your home.

• If you don’t have your laundry machine at home, you might bring the pests into your home from the public laundry places. Of course, since they are usually affected by heat, you should consider removing your clothes from the dryer and directly into the bag. If you let them cool down, it’s likely that the pests might hitchhike into your home from the shared laundry facilities.

• If you suspect that your house has been infested, you should consider trying this all natural bed bug repellent by CedarCide. I know it worked for a friend of mine. Other ideas include getting a portable heat chamber to get rid of any pests. If possible, take all the furniture, mattresses, beddings and anything else out in the sun. The heat should be able to kill the animals before they become vigilant.

In conclusion, you should always consider calling a professional bed bug removal company to clear out any infestations. Remember, most of these teams have a control method that allows your home to be protected from any future infestations. Therefore, check thoroughly to find the best bed bug removal company in your area for the best results. Of course, you can always ask for recommendations from your neighbors or relatives who have hired someone previously. Check online also to find the best removal company for bed bugs in your area.

5 tips to improve work-life balance


In today’s world, maintaining a work-life balance has become very difficult. Millions of people wrestle with this question everyday. There are five ways to achieve this balance.

Be open to your own needs

Find out what your needs are and be expressive. Communicate it with your supervisor. Don’t hide it. For example, if you need to finish work at 5 p.m in order to have dinner with your family then you should tell this to your supervisor. It is important for you to have an open dialogue with your manager.

Be cautious about your boundaries

You should respect the boundaries you have marked. You need to set up boundaries and make it a habit to stick to it. For example, if you set a boundary that no matter what happens you are going to reach office before 9 am, then you must make sure you manage to come to office before 9 am everyday. Take all the preparations you need to make in order to stick to your boundaries; for example, sleep early at night and wake up early in the morning.

Understand what really matters

Find out what matters and what doesn’t. Don’t spend too much time on things that don’t matter much. Be very productive and use your office hours well. For example, is it very important to gossip with your colleagues for half an hour after office? Try to make good use of your valuable time.


Manage your digital devices

Put a stop to the use of digital devices when you think appropriate For example, don’t bring your cell phone to the dinner table. Dinner time is a private time that you spend with your family. You shouldn’t want your boss calling at that time and ruin your precious moment. So, switch the phone off.

Pace yourself

You need to learn how to pace yourself. You should learn when to work more and when to reduce your workload. You need to be self-aware of these things.

Use these suggestions and you will see the change yourself. You will have a great balance between your work and personal life. This way you will be more productive and enjoy life more.

4 benefits of home schooling your children


Many parents prefer teaching their children at home instead of sending them to schools. The parents take full responsibility of their children’s education. Here are some benefits of homeschooling.

One-on-one tutoring

Studies have shown that the smaller the students-teacher ratio, the better the students learn. You can help the student individually and you can ensure that the student becomes good at basic skills first before going to advanced level of studies.

Customized teaching

Homeschooling teaching is tailored to children’s specific educational needs. Parents can look at the student’s strength, weakness, interests, etc. Parents can customize the children’s eduction to improve their learning. Children, thus, become highly motivated to learn.

Learn to think independently

Children who go through homeschooling learn how to think independently. They don’t follow a group’s idea before listening to their own minds. They become more matured. They are not influenced by peer pressure.

No pressure for grades

By homeschooling, students don’t feel the pressure for getting good grades. They learn only for gaining knowledge. This is much better because they are more interested to learn themselves rather than from external pressure of getting good grades. They start to enjoy studies.

Homeschooling brings a child closer to their parents. The parents strongly know their strengths and weaknesses and so get enough time to work towards improving the child’s weaknesses. However, homeschooling is a very big responsibility for the parents. Only if you are confident enough to give that much time to your child, then you should think of homeschooling your child. Remember, the main reason you have chosen to homeschool is to take extra care of your child. So, you should keep that commitment always.

3 home making blogs you should read every week


Home making is something that needs to be learned. You learn more as you progress with your life. Here are some blogs that will teach you how to manage your home properly.

The Inspired Room


By reading this blog you will know how to love your house. The blog consists of helpful tips on homemaking, organizing your rooms, decorating etc. It helps you set up a routine so that you can have a nice looking home. The blog is a real inspiration and it will help you to keep your room warm and comfortable.

Mrs. Happy Homemaker


This blog contains everything a homemaker needs to do every day. From cooking and organizing to house cleaning – you will find tips on every aspect of homemaking in this blog. There are some delicious menus for you to try home and enjoy with your family. You will get tips on organizing your home and cleaning it regularly. You will know about the healthy ways of living with your family.

Life As Mom

Life As Mom

This is a lifestyle blog that helps you with everything a mom needs to do everyday. You will find suggestions on how to organize your stuffs, teach your kids, save money, enjoy time with your family, eat healthy food and many other aspects of a mom’s life.
All these blogs are very inspirational. They teach you how to be a good homemaker. A mom’s job is really tough. There are so many roles she has to play. These blogs will give them great ideas on how to enjoy their life and make them fulfilling.